Sonntag, 22. April 2012

iPhone 5 feature Liquidmetal housing comeout October

iPhone 5 Liquidmetal housing will kickout all competitors in 2012.
The iPhone 5 Liquidmetal case will built by very strong and light material developed by Liquidmetal, a metal Apple already tested a few years ago. Right now, Apple only used this metal for the sim removal tool on the first generation iPhone, 5 years ago. Now, it seems Apple finished  the development and it´s ready to use it for the iPhone 5 Liquidmetal cases. The brand new iPhone 5 should be Bigger display, thinner, faster and better as each Iphone before.

Liquidmetal was developed and created by California Institute of Technology and is now sold by Liquidmetal Technologies. Apple acquired rights to use the metal in hardware and consumer electronics years ago, but it appears that it will start to get used this year, with the iPhone 5 Liquidmetal case design. The iPhone 5 is quiet thinner, lighter than the current version, the new metal will give a main job in it . For more on iPhone 5 informations check out ore latest blogs in future we also will inform you when it exacly comes out and in wich country you can get it FIRST...